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CSB upholds strong ethical values and always puts the important issues first…

» Health and welfare of our employees and their families
» Equality and diversity in employment policy
» Continuous advancement of Health and Safety
» Care for environmental issues and promotion of sustainability
» Active involvement in the development of our local community

CSB is obligated to the development of healthier environments both economically and ecologically – and we understand in a holistic sense how what we do within our own local communities has a broader impact across London, the UK, and ultimately on a global scale.

We will always develop new services and modernise old, in line with current best practices and will positively embrace modern methods and new technologies that support sustainability.

We play a very active role within our local social and business communities – working closely with local authorities and education, the South East London Chamber of Commerce, Thames Gateway Constructing Excellence and LACES (London Anti-Crime Education Scheme).

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