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Full scope logistics management for construction projects can be divided into 2 domains –Supply Logistics and Site Logistics. CSB considers Project Logistics to be the effective coordination of these two logistics domains.

Project Logistics requires a comprehensive analysis of all supply chains, with lean and sustainable logistics strategies agreed for each chain at early planning stages. Throughout the planning process, CSB ensures that:

» Plans incorporate the needs of all stakeholders
» Operations are designed to meet the specific needs of each project
» Appropriate guidance is provided to individual trades and their supply chains
» Supply chain agility is not sacrificed by overly bureaucratic systems

Successful Project Logistics relies on robust processes, with open and efficient communications. It is crucial to create an environment where proactive and cooperative attitudes can be developed, so that issues are identified quickly and dealt with efficiently.

CSB believes that it is our focus on relationships, agility and innovation that maintain our success.

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