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FAIRCLAD® is a heavy-duty Fire And Impact Resistant Cladding. It is used on many major construction projects to protect valuable items such as plant room equipment surrounded by on-going construction and hot-works.

Designs follow exact measurements recorded on an initial site visit and can incorporate any customer specifications. Our professional teams design and build bespoke housings using materials approved to Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1207.

This new product and service is a perfect example of how CSB adapts to client requirement. All of our services have developed directly from our customers’ needs – but none more so than On-Site Protection.

FAIRCLAD® is continually improved to meet new site regulations, and in 2008 the traditional timber framework was replaced by an innovative new design, combining angled steel with flame-retardant MDF and CORREX.

The new system is quicker and easier for our teams to work with, both in manual handling of materials and the construction. And our customers are delighted as this has resulted in a significant reduction in cost and time without compromising on quality.

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